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All About ABOE Lockworks Ltd. in Calgary

In 1978, two eager, young Calgary locksmiths named Bruce Attwell and Ernie Olson founded ABOE Lockworks Ltd, a business dedicated to creating and servicing locks. While trying to settle on a name for their company, they decided to use their initials, AB and EO. With three vowels between them, it took a while to come up with a name suitable for a company, but they finally settled on “ABOE.”

Now, with a name in place and two old vans, Bruce and Ernie started their locksmithing company. In the next few months, the company began to take off. The two locksmiths at ABOE opened their first shop, located on 16th Avenue NW. Five years and many locks later, they moved to a larger location on Centre Street N. Then in 1988, a growing ABOE moved to its present home at 1308 Centre Street N.

After many years of service, Bruce turned in his keys, sold his shares and retired in 2000. These days it’s up to Ernie to carry on with what is now one of the oldest locksmith companies in Calgary. He oversees the thriving business and team of locksmiths, providing service for any job, big or small, residential or commercial. From the 2 vans they started with, Ernie now has a fleet of 8 vans, commonly seen driving around Calgary on the way to their next job.

Now Ernie’s family has taken over the business, making sure that Calgary will never be left without a trusted locksmith. ABOE Lockworks’ services have grown in time to include safes , automotive locks, door security, card access systems, cameras and much more. If you want the best security service for your home, business or automobile, you can’t go wrong with Bruce and Ernie’s ABOE Lockworks. Call us today.

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