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Repair and Maintenance of Commercial Glass Aluminum Doors in Calgary

At ABOE Lockworks Ltd, we understand the level of security and protection required by your business or commercial property. We offer a full range of repair and maintenance services for glass aluminum doors in Calgary to help keep your employees, clients, customers, valuables and property safe from damage and threats without affecting your business operations. 


Glass doors with an aluminum frame are a popular choice among businesses because they are easy to maintain, durable, and hold up well in Alberta weather. Glass aluminum doors can also be customized to meet your design and functional specifications. Contact our team of expert locksmiths in Calgary to schedule repair or maintenance services for your glass aluminum doors. 

Our Door Repair and Maintenance Services

We can handle door repairs for commercial and industrial properties including retail locations, businesses, offices, schools, warehouses and more. Call us for glass aluminum doors including:

  • Storefront doors

  • Interior or entrance doors

  • Sliding doors

  • Aluminum frame doors

  • Revolving doors

Our services include:

  • Door hardware repair, replacement and adjustments
    Malfunctioning or broken door hardware can make you feel uneasy and anxious, and increases the risk of unauthorized access, which can be a direct threat to you, your employees and customers. We can help strengthen and secure your door locks, deadbolts, knobs, levers and more with expert advice and reliable services.


  • Repair and maintenance of door closers, hinges, special plates and exit devices
    You can count on us to use quality components to repair or replace your current door operators, closers, hinges, plates and exit devices. We will ensure your job is completed as quickly as possible to secure your building quickly with a properly latching door closer and other parts.


  • Repairing and rekeying of locks
    Re-keying allows you to change the tumblers in your lock cylinders so old keys stop working, so that you can control who is able to access your building. We can help you create an access plan for various clearance levels for tenants, guests, managers and business owners.


  • Repair and maintenance of security hardware
    We can quickly repair a wide variety of security hardware as well as provide maintenance services to prevent break-ins and theft at your place of business.

Contact us now to schedule commercial glass aluminum door repair and maintenance services in Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Call Us For 24/7 Emergency Services

When you require emergency commercial door repairs in Calgary, our technicians at ABOE Lockworks Ltd quickly arrive at your property, analyze the extent of damage, provide you with a quote on site, and swiftly get started on the necessary repairs or replacements. In the case of a break-in, damage or theft, our team knows what to do to get your glass aluminum door repaired promptly and professionally. We have the solutions to get all makes and models of commercial doors working safely, fully functional and looking as good as new after the repairs. Call us right away in case of an emergency — we are available 24/7!  

Why Choose Us?

If your commercial glass aluminum door is faulty and isn't working properly, it’s time to call ABOE Lockworks Ltd for quick repair and maintenance services! Here are some reasons to choose us to fix your glass aluminum door in Calgary:

  • Family-run, locally owned and operated business

  • Experience in the industry since 1978

  • Experienced journeymen locksmiths on staff

  • Fast and friendly service

  • High-quality materials, parts, tools and equipment

We also provide safes and residential and commercial locksmith services! Contact our team in Calgary for more information!

Quick and Reliable Emergency Services in Calgary

We are available 24/7 for glass aluminum door repair services in case of emergencies, break-ins, theft or damage!

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