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Residential Locksmith Services in Calgary

ABOE Lockworks Ltd is proud to be one of the leading specialists when it comes to residential locksmith services in Calgary. We offer sales, service, and warranty on all Weiser products. At ABOE Lockworks Ltd, we want you to feel secure in your home, and we will help you achieve that. We can talk over all the possible ways to improve the security of your home so you feel safe. We carry a full line of Bolt Buddy’s deadbolts, pick-resistant locks, and much more. On this page, you can find information about some of the residential services we specialize in. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment .

Door Hardware

The lock system and the door hardware of your residential doors have to be strong and durable to provide optimum security. Ignoring this would fuel up unfortunate incidents like break-ins, theft, and more. We take pride in installing quality lock systems and door hardware for all the residential properties in Calgary. Our team will consider all your security requirements and other factors such as the size of the door, usage, and more before suggesting the right product.

Deadlock (bolt) Systems

Deadlocks are an integral part of your property’s security system. They feature a locking system that requires access on both sides with the help of a key. Unlike other locks, a deadlock has a key lock cylinder, which must be rotated to open and unlock. With this mechanism, your property is sure to receive additional security. Along with being highly resistant, it is also a cost-effective option for all the homeowners in the Calgary area. So, book an appointment with us right away to install a deadlock system (including mechanical deadbolts, electronic deadbolts, and smart deadbolts).

Home Access Control Systems

These days, not only commercial clients but even residential clients are opting for access control systems for their homes. This system provides added security, as well as ease of control and accessibility. Even when you are away from your home, you will have a tab on who is entering your house and what other activities are happening there. So, if you need an access control system for your residential property in Calgary, we can install it for you.

Mailbox Locks & Cabinet Locks

An ignored mailbox can be a great source for identification threat. From hacking your computers to stealing posts from your mailboxes, thieves can do anything and everything to collect your information. Why stake your personal and confidential information when we are here to provide you with efficient locking systems for your mailboxes. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.


Every residential property has cabinets to store valuable assets. Apart from just having a string locking system for your main door, it is also important to secure your cabinets with an optimal locking system. You might have toddlers in your house who just pull out everything from the cabinets or you might have a lot of guests. There are high chances of losing important things during such situations. So, if you need cabinet locks for your home in Calgary, we can install them for you.


Locks Rekeyed

Losing your house key is a very common thing. You might just leave it on your office desk or drop it somewhere unknowingly. Getting a new key for the same lock might not be a great option considering the safety of you and your family members. Rekeying your lock is a better option in such a situation. Schedule an appointment with one of our locksmiths and we will have your lock rekeyed by replacing the lock pins in the cylinder and changing the tumbler configuration. Later, a new set of keys will be provided which will open the recently configured lock.


High-security Lock-and-key Systems

A residential property can have a locking system that is both manual and electronic. Count on our experienced locksmiths when you want to install a strong and durable lock-and-key system for your residential property in Calgary. We will take a note of all your security requirements and suggest you the right locking system. When you choose us, we will make sure that every product we install functions without any difficulty. Don’t risk your property and your family by compromising your security system.

Closed Circuit TV Products (CCTV) - Security Cameras & Systems

Are you a working parent and do you stay away from your house the entire day? You would definitely be worried about your kids back home. Worry no more when we are here. Our team takes pride in providing closed-circuit TV cameras and products to residential clients in Calgary. Having this system installed at your property will help you closely monitor the activities in and around your house with accurate visibility while you are away.

Interested in our Residential Locksmith Services?

If you are looking for Residential Locksmith Services in Calgary, you came to the right place! We have helped hundreds of residential customers and we would love to hear how we can meet your security needs.


Listed below are the brands we carry:

Bolt Buddy
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