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Choose Us for Commercial Locksmith Services in Calgary

ABOE Lockworks Ltd is the name you can trust when you want to protect your commercial space from break-ins and other security breaches. Since 1978, we have been offering commercial locksmith services in Calgary. We carry an array of business security solutions that are designed to keep your business safe and secure. Whether you are locked out or you want a new key made, our team is here to help you. We offer sales and services for a variety of products, including commercial closers, door hardware, master key systems, and much more. Go through this page to learn more about our commercial services. If you want to book an appointment, please feel free to reach out to us .

Door Closers

A door closer is a mechanical device that is responsible for maintaining the closure of doors in a commercial space. It will automatically close the door after someone opens it. Lock systems might fail to function if the door is not closed properly. Hence, installing a door closer will help you have the doors closed and locked at all times. They can be placed on any type of doors such as main entry, interior, and fire doors.


Apart from safety, door closers have various other advantages, including reduced energy bills, no banging of doors, ease of use, and more. The size and weight of the door, type of door, and the speed of closing are some of the factors considered before deciding the type of door closer that has to be installed.

We can also install and repair automatic door openers to improve the accessibility of your building. 


Glass and Aluminum Door Hardware

Glass and aluminum doors are used for both permanent and temporary usage. Some commercial clients use these doors to make their property aesthetically appealing while some choose this option as it is easy to install and can be removed or shifted without much hassle. Well, it becomes very important to install efficient locking systems for such doors due to their nature and transparency. We are the right choice when you need quality hardware for your glass or aluminum doors. Our team will consider your safety requirements and suggest an appropriate locking or hardware system based on your needs.


Key and Card Access Systems

Isn’t it very convenient to manage entry and exit access from one place? Yes it is. Whether you need to control access to a single door or the entire building, the control system can be customized based on your security and authorization needs. This system is on the growing curve as it is very convenient and easily accessible. Apart from just the security element, this system can also be used for attendance tracking. Having this access system installed at your commercial space will help you maximize the protection of the entire property. Only authorized people can enter the place.


Emergency Exit Devices

It is important for every commercial building to meet both safety and security standards. While you install a variety of advanced locking systems to meet the security needs, you should also make sure to install emergency exit devices keeping in mind the safety of the people in that building. The main function of this device is to give safe and quick escape through a doorway with minimum effort in case of an emergency. If you are planning to install emergency exit devices on your property, please feel free to reach out to us.


Cabinet Locks & Mailbox Locks

Commercial buildings like offices, hospitals, and shops regularly have human traffic coming through them. Apart from just the main entrance and security issues, there are some items that need to be stored in cabinets for added security. Cabinets in these commercial spaces can be allocated for personal use as well as storage purposes. Hence, it is necessary to secure these cabinets with quality locking systems. Count on our professionals when you need cabinet locks for your commercial space in Calgary.

Failing to protect your mailboxes leads to an identity threat. In order to collect your information, thieves can do everything from hacking your computers to stealing the posts from your mailbox. So, come to us when you want an efficient locking system for your mailbox. Commercial properties tend to receive confidential and important documents via posts. If they are not safeguarded properly, it might hamper the functioning of their businesses.


Locks Rekeyed

Rekeying is not always done when the keys go missing. It is also done regularly to enhance the security of commercial space. This will help you avoid security breaches in your campus in a cost-effective manner. Rekeying is considered a safer and quicker option compared to the replacement of locks. The process of rekeying involves the replacement of lock pins found in the cylinder, changing the tumbler configuration, and then cutting the new set of keys which will open the recently configured lock.


Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial spaces are huge and are usually located in a busy area. This means they are easily prone to thefts, break-ins, security breaches, and much more as this space contains many valuables. It becomes important to install hardware and locking system that can stand such activities. Our team will select the right type of hardware and locking system for your door and install it with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. The size of the door, the amount of protection needed, and some other factors will be considered before the installation.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are a great option in this modern security system. If you are planning to install a master key system, we are the right choice. Our locksmiths possess the tools and experience to get the job done right. Having this system will help you wave off the pain of carrying and maintaining a giant key ring of various doors in your workplace. This system is majorly used in commercial places, including hotels, apartments, hospitals, and more. If a person loses access, it can be retrieved with the master key system.

High-security Lock-and-key Systems

A lock-and-key system can be both manual and electronic. The choice is based on the security and accessibility needs of the customer. The main purpose of a lock-and-key system is to restrict unwanted or unauthorized entry or accessibility to any place or item. If you are looking or a professional locksmith in Calgary, we are here to help you. Our team has the expertise to install and service a variety of lock and key systems with the utmost dedication and accuracy. We will make sure that every product we install functions without any difficulty. Take a look at some of the brands we carry:

Replacement of Commercial Steel Doors

Count on our locksmiths when you want to replace commercial steel doors of your commercial property in Calgary. Our team has the experience and equipment to carry out the replacement process within the scheduled time and budget. Steel doors might not be your first choice when it comes to installing a door to your commercial property, but they are definitely a great choice when you need a door that can withstand heavy traffic and other exterior elements. Apart from durability and strength, steel doors also carry insulating properties that will help you save on your bills.

Fire-rated and Non-fire-rated Doors

Whether you need fire-rated doors or non-fire-rated doors, we are your one-stop solution. At our facility, we offer a wide selection of doors that come in various sizes and materials. Fire-rated doors are nothing but doors that have the capacity to resist fire in case of an accident. From sales and installation to repairs and services, we can handle it all. Choose us for quality workmanship at great rates.

Interlocking High-security Astragals

Different doors have different locking systems. Their locking can be manual, electronic, or automatic. The type of door and the locking system can be chosen based on your building requirements. If you are in need of interlocking high-security astragals that can efficiently sustain forced entry, you can come to us. These full-length astragals provide superior protection against break-ins compared to small single astragals or latch guards.

Continuous Hinges

The security and safety of your commercial space should be planned without any loopholes. This is because; it has a lot of human traffic, valuable assets, and many other things. The most important element to maintain this, are strong and durable doors. If your doors are going to have continuous wear and tear or need to withstand security breaches, we recommend choosing continuous hinges. These are specially designed to distribute weight and reduce the stress on any component attached to them. So with continuous hinges, your doors are going to stay strong and durable.

Interested in our Commercial Locksmith Services?

If you are looking for Commercial Locksmith Services in Calgary, you came to the right place! We have helped hundreds of commercial customers and we would love to hear how we can meet your security needs.

Brands We Work With

Listed below are the brands we carry:

Adams Rite
Von Duprin®/Allegion
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