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Install Door Closers in Calgary

Door closers are very important as they ensure the door, once opened, is closed securely and automatically. In your commercial space, any lock system will only work if the door is closed correctly. If you are looking for a company to install or repair your existing door closer, you can rely on ABOE Lockworks Ltd. We have been in this security business for over four decades in Calgary, and this much time has given us ample experience to do our tasks efficiently and effectively. One of the best parts of getting door closers installed is that they can be placed on any type of door, such as fire doors, interior doors, or main entry doors.


Apart from door closers, we have also been providing other security solutions for businesses, automobiles, home automotive locks, door security, and more in Calgary. Reach out to discuss security solutions for your commercial space. Don’t hesitate to call us about your door closer and security needs in Calgary.

Benefits of Installing Door Closers in Calgary

Installing a door closer has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Solves the problem of banging doors: In any office, a lot of individuals enter and exit offices as they go about their daily business. Door closers are set at the speed a door can open and close. It is possible to set how wide the door can open, which solves the issue of someone rushing in and out and banging a door against the wall.

  • Door remains closed even if someone forgets to close it: Forgetting is quite common and some people might forget to lock a door behind them. Getting up to close the door every time someone enters can be stressful. Door closers ensure the door is locked and the noise of traffic noises, wind, and other elements are kept out of the office.

  • Reduces the cost of the air conditioning: The air in a room is controlled via air conditioning. A room must be heated during the winter and in the summer, hot air rushes in via opened doors, forcing the air conditioner to work harder to keep the space at a cooler temperature. This increases electricity costs. After installing door closers, you can prevent loss of heat and in summer ensure the room is cooler.

  • Protect your door: A door will quickly get damaged if it is often banged. Installing door closers in a windy office is necessary because every bang will continue to distract the staff.

We Install and Repair All Types of Door Closers

In general, there are six common types of commercial door closers, with the modern type being the most common one. All the types of door closers work in the same way; when the door opens, a spring is loaded with tension, and once it is released, the spring releases the tension. If you are confused about the type of door closer you should go for, you can call us, and we will be able to tell you which door closer is right for your business needs. Our staff is also trained to resolve common door closer issues, so your business doesn’t have to function without a door closer for long.

We also sell door closers for those people who wish to install them themselves. Visit us in Calgary or call us to discuss the type of door closer meant for your space.

Install Door Closers in Calgary

Door closers can improve security and reduce your energy bills.

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