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Keep Your Property Safe with Access Control Systems in Calgary

Have you risked the safety of your commercial property because of unauthorized access? ABOE Lockworks Ltd provides access control systems in Calgary for added security to manage entry and exit for your building.


Access control systems are highly efficient key replacement solutions that automate access to doors and entries. They allow you to customize and control access to your property and integrate the system with monitoring tools, such as surveillance cameras, to add multi-layer security.


Get in touch with us today to install and repair access control systems for your commercial property in Calgary.

Access Control Systems — Installation and Repair

ABOE Lockworks Ltd has been offering reliable security solutions for businesses in Calgary for over 40 years. Our experience allows us to take care of all your access control needs, from installations to repairs. When you choose us as your service provider, you can trust us to offer quality installation and repairs for the following access control components:

  • Software from renowned manufacturers to provide you with a smooth and convenient access control

  • Door hardware, including automatic door openers, keyless push buttons, mag-locks, electric strikes, and more

  • Smart keys and key fobs to revolutionize traditional entry systems and facilitate easy access and lower traffic

Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about our access control systems.

Access Control Systems for Businesses and Commercial Properties

No business can afford to change its locks every time an employee leaves the organization. It is also impossible to trust employees with access to sensitive areas without risking the business’s security. All of these issues can be taken care of by simply substituting your organization’s traditional entry systems with highly-secure and convenient access control systems. Our access control systems in Calgary allow businesses to:

  • Automatically assign or remove access and even track it to maintain the safety of the premises.

  • Provide digital access to employees through credentials, cards, key fobs, and other smart options.

  • Expand entrance to limitless proportions while lowering traffic, thanks to automated access’s quick and easy service.

  • Manage the entire building’s access with a centralized interface.

Be it offering select access to avoid intrusion, verifying visitors, tracking time stamps, or integrating surveillance systems with access controls, there are multiple reasons why access control systems are the best choice for any commercial property.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Worried about the Safety of Your Property?

ABOE Lockworks Ltd can help you install and repair access control systems in Calgary.

Access control systems offer a range of benefits to commercial properties, including:

  • Access control features like key fobs and card access systems enable you to control or customize access for improved security. This can help you limit a person’s access to only a specific area where their services are required.

  • The administrator can easily track people’s digital footprints stored in the system in the form of time stamps and digital credentials. Apart from recording attendance, it also reduces the chances of theft by facilitating easy identification in case theft or intrusion is attempted.

  • The keyless entry feature doesn’t allow individuals to duplicate keys, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Access control simplifies management by enabling centralized control and streamlines entry and exit, eliminating the hassle of using multiple keys.


Contact us today to learn more about our access control solutions in Calgary for your business. You can also visit our shop to view our products in stock.

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