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Mobile Access Control Software: Convenience and Security in One

Convenience and Security

The safety of your customers and employees should be a top priority as a business owner. There has been an uptick in crime throughout Alberta in recent months, with 43% of people being indirectly or directly impacted. It's essential you have extra security measures in place to protect your belongings, property, and the people within it.

Installing access control software enables you to prevent unauthorized access to your commercial property. This blog will discuss the basics of an access control security system. Partner with a trusted security management company in Calgary, like ABOE Lockworks Ltd, to learn more.

Stop Changing Your Locks

It can get expensive to change your locks each time an employee leaves your organization. It's also costly to have new keys made for everyone that needs access to your building. Some of your workers might need to get into certain areas of your property that others don't have clearance to go to.

Access control software in Calgary enables you to ditch handing out keys to everyone. Some of the advantages you can experience include:

  • Handing out access to your building via key fobs, cards, and more

  • Automatically remove or assign access

  • Track logins at various stations

Save Time and Money

One of the best things about mobile access control software is that users can immediately get granted permission into the area they need to go into. They no longer have to spend minutes fumbling with their keys trying to find the right one. Users can move into the next space with just a swipe or a tap.

Mobile access control software costs less than installing a traditional key system on your internal and external doors. As we said earlier, you don't have to worry about investing in new keys each time you hire someone new. All you have to do is give them a key fob or have them download an app onto their mobile device to get started.

Flexible Options

This type of security technology allows you to let certain individuals easily access your building. Business owners can experience numerous benefits with access control systems, in addition to improved protection.

As we talked about earlier, there are various tools you can implement when switching to access control software. Some of these include:

  • Bluetooth technology

  • QR codes

  • Key fobs

  • Key cards

  • Near-field communication (NFC) technology

There are lots of options when it comes to tailoring your access control system. These solutions will improve your security since people can't duplicate the keys that they're given. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your property.

We're the Leading Choice for Access Control Software in Calgary

Access control software gives you a convenient and flexible way to regulate who has access to your property or building. Remain secure, manage your visitors, and protect operations while offering easy solutions for your employees and tenants. Working with an experienced security company in Calgary will ensure you get matched with the right solutions for your organization.

Our experts are here to help with your security needs. Schedule a consultation at ABOE Lockworks Ltd with one of our technicians. We'll get back to you right away to book an appointment at your earliest convenience.


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